What can I say about London?!

So many amazing places to workout, shop, eat and pretty much feed any addiction you may have (shoes, makeup, music, cocktails, skin care! You name it you can find it!)

Here’s my little round up of my favourite places tried and tested over the past 5 years!


My favourite studios cross a huge range of styles, abilities, cost and location, so dive right in!

Another Space – Convent Garden
A relativity new kid on the block this gorgeous spacious studio offers amazing spin sessions, super sweaty HIIT and boxing sessions alongside a really great offering of Yoga variations! Make sure to try to get into Reynolds Spin for the ultimate ride! Pricing is easy with credit being applied across all types of classes, you just buy a pack and off you go! Rule of thumb is around £20 per single session, pretty standard for London.

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Psycle London – Oxford Circus/Canary Wharf/Soon to be Shoreditch
The original rhythm riding studio in London and the cause of my addiction to spin. I have to be honest and say that yes ok the standard has slipped a little as they have grown, meaning the bikes are a bit less sturdy than many of the other studios on the go now, and the changing rooms are basically like the hunger games between classes due to the additional bikes they added to each studio. Good luck in that shower q!! But! The ride?? It still has some of the best  instructors around, my favs are Marion, Ollie, Sal or Tammy! Pricing is pretty straight forward and they rarely ever do deals so you are looking at £20 flat for a single session.

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Core Collective – High Street Kensington 

My previous home! This studio offers an amazing variety of workouts meaning you can get your entire fitness fix here in one place! Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Circuits, TRX and Spin all topped off with a great cafe offering delicious healthy food and brilliant cup of coffee! Pricing for Core can appear a little complicated but it really isn’t. You can either become a member and pay a monthly fee or you ca just pay as you go with single sessions running at £20 for your intro and then £28 per single class after that (most expensive way to do it so I’d go for a package!)

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Studio Lagree UK – Moorgate
Again another of my old homes! I used to be Master Trainer here and I have to say this is an amazing workout! Yes its pricey, sitting comfortably at the top end of the single class price range with 16 people per class but is it worth it? Well yes it is. A super sweaty import from the US/Canada this 55minute workout will really push you to your limits every single time, you will discover muscles you never knew you had and probably swear more than once but my bet is you will come out wanting more! Pricing starts at £30 per session for a walk in and then gets a little more manageable if you buy a package.

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Kobox – City/Kings Road
Is boxing your thing? Then this is the place for you! With a skill such as boxing it is really important to have someone who knows what they are doing, there are many boxing style fitness classes in London who pretty much just add a few punches or even kick boxing style moves into a HIIT class but Kobox has actual boxers teaching the sessions (disclaimer not all of the instructors are boxers, look out for Jay or Ian for the real thing!). Pricing isn’t too bad either, the intro offer is great and you get some wraps thrown in!



Barry’s Bootcamp – Moorgate/Euston/Central
A Bit of a cult classic this full body workout hailing from the states will literally push you to within an inch of your life and then yell at you for not going hard enough! Based on a mix of treadmill sections and weighted floor exercises the only thing you won’t do during this workout is relax! It can be a little intimidating and to be completely honest you could easily get injured if you don’t pay attention to your own limits and let yourself get carried away with the “motivational” ranting of some of the trainers! The classes are big and they are usually full meaning attention from the instructor is very limited (except if you slow down during a run, somehow they never miss that!). Its definitely a love it or hate it kind of work out but well worth a little try! Pricing wise again its pretty standard for London running at £20 per session but you can also commit to a monthly membership if you fall in love with the sweat!



I love nothing more than wandering around the shops whether I’m buying anything or not, I find it soothing and pretty relaxing (with the exception of when the eternal battle between Londoners and London tourists ensues!) Having lived in London for so long I still consider myself to be a Londoner at heart so I do try to avoid the tourists whenever possible but when it comes to shopping unfortunately the touristy spots happen to be some of the best!

Harrods – Knightsbridge
Controversial for many but I adore Harrods! The store itself is beautiful, even more so now since the huge revamp started, and it has pretty much everything you could ever think of all under one roof! Even if you don’t have the spare cash to splurge on the latest handbag or shoes you can still walk away with a little green bag without breaking the bank! Makeup and perfume is priced exactly the same as in Boots and there are many affordable brands from the High Street hiding away ready to be snapped up! The experience itself can be brilliant along as you hit the store during the week early in the morning or mid afternoon to avoid the rush. They also do a mean afternoon tea which is well worth a try if you have a special occasion to celebrate! Theres only one Harrods after all (airport concessions don’t count!)

Harvey Nichols – Knightsbridge 
Again this is another store on the top end of the price range but as with Harrods it is an experience in itself. However if you have been to some of the other brands of Harvey Nics around the UK or Dubai you probably could give this one a miss.

Selfridges – Oxford Street
Another oldie but a goodie! Not my favourite due to its location on Oxford Street (Marble Arch end) as it means its pretty much always rammed to an uncomfortable degree! Tourists flock to this store from open to close and honestly it is more expensive than both Harrods and Harvey Nics! They have really modernised it to the point of no return which is a shame. They have kept some of the original features but most of the interior is pretty unrecognisable from the original store (think Mr Selfridge!).

Liberty – Oxford Circus
Another beautiful old department store right beside Oxford Circus tube! The store is absolutely gorgeous and higgledy piggledy with dark wooden beams and creaky old stair cases hiding behind rails of designer clothes and cases of sparkly jewellery. They really do curate their choices here to ensure they select the best of British designers. Definitely add it to your list!