A work in progress!

I have been back for a few months now and am really struggling to get to grips with the “fitness” scene here in Northern Ireland. Not to put too much of a downer on my homeland but the fitness scene here really is about 5/6years behind that of London which means I feel a little out at sea! Boutique studios? Rhythm riding? Barry’s bootcamp? None of these are even on the radar yet (I say “yet” with a huge splash of hope!), it is still very much a big dark gym (although some are pink!) with a smattering of Crossfit boxes world over here!


My biggest bugbear however is the lack of education surrounding the fitness scene as a whole. There appear to be numerous people claiming to be Personal Trainers who have done little more than an in house non-verified training course or even an online course for a few hundred pounds and seem to have skipped the anatomy and physiology side altogether! I find it impossible that someone can claim to have enough knowledge to train anyone when they don’t have even a basic understanding of the human body or how it functions (lets not start on the people claiming to also “specialise” in pre/post natal training just because they have had a baby themselves!)

So far I have tried out a number of the big name gyms and a few of their classes alongside a few smaller yoga studios that were recommended to me. I have to say my experiences varied wildly from “yeah this is ok” to “holy crap I need to get out of here before I scream”!

Keep an eye on this space for a little more information on where Ive been in Belfast and the surrounding areas! If you have anywhere you think I should try then leave a comment below!

Bring it Belfast!!