About Nadine

Hello and welcome!

My name is Nadine, I am a Pilates Instructor/Personal Trainer/Speech Therapist who has recently returned to Northern Ireland following a 5 year hiatus in London town. 

After moving to London for work I found myself falling into the trap of letting work consume my life and I lost sight of the important things (and my waist!!). Fast forward a few years and a few wake up calls I dropped the Speech Therapy part and became a full time Pilates Instructor, starting my own Pilates company ArabesqueLondon back in 2014.

Livefashionfit was born out of a need to jot down all the ramblings in my head about fashion, fitness trends and my obsession with beauty products and skin care that threatened to bore my friends to death!! The site has been reincarnated twice now due to life getting in the way so I am hoping that the third time is the charm!

Nothing is off limits so lets see how it goes!

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