Top 10 fitness brands you need to know now!

Over the past few years it has felt like every yoga class, bootcamp session and juice bar has been awash with that shiny little Lululemon logo. Gracing the bottoms and hemlines of every aspiring fit queen it has been the go to brand for those in the know! But with leggings costing anything from £70-over £100 it isn’t a brand that is accessible to everyone and for those lucky enough to invest in something from their range it can be a little maddening to rock up to Pilates and have 3 other people in the same kit!

So what else is out there?? Let me take you through the top fitness brands you need to know right now to stay ahead of the sweaty fashion curve from the bargain (£) the reasonable (££) the pay day treat (£££) right up to the investment territory (££££)

1. Sweaty Betty (££)


This gorgeous British female only brand has slowly risen up the ranks of fitness apparel now competing head to head with the luxury brands in the home of high end fashion in Harrods. With stunning prints and softer than soft, flattering fabrics Sweaty Betty really knows what women want from their workout gear. Offering a huge variety of reversible leggings, vests, crop tops and even swimwear you will be spoilt for choice and their helpful product descriptions will ensure you get the right kit for your workout. Price points range from £30-£90 for leggings (limited editions price point higher) and £32-£40 for sports bras.

2. H&M (£)


This Swedish super brand is now offering a ever growing range of sports wear. The price points are low and the designs are fun and colourful. Perfect gear for the gym or a run but not so great for yoga/pilates as the leggings haven’t got 4 way stretch and therefore can go a little see through during that downward dog! On the plus side the sports bras are great and in super flattering cuts, check out the low support options to add a little pop of colour under a plain top. Prices range from £7.99-£29.99 (leggings around £19.99/£29.99)

3. Every second counts (£££)


A great home grown British brand started by a fashion insider with an eye for show stopping colours and design ESC aims to create items that will take you seamlessly from spin to yoga and back into your daily life. The cut of every piece has been carefully considered in order to prevent any riding up or down during your workout, plus the neon accents will help you stand out for all the right reasons. Prices range from £46-£98 with bras/crops in around £62.

4. Charli Cohen (££££)


The brain child of London based Personal Trainer this self named brand has become known for its striking designs and body sculpting cuts. Definitely at the higher end of the price scale but almost all items are so comfortable and stylish you could happily wear them for brunch and a stroll around the shops. Leggings come in around £185 with bra tops around £85-90.

5. Under Armour (££)

With a focus on creating high performance gear designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout even the longest workout Under Armour should be your go to brand for those intense sessions! I particularly recommend their sports bras as they are super supportive and come in a rainbow of colours! Prices range from £32-75 for leggings and £12-£42 for sports bras

6. Tully Lou (£££)


This relatively new Australian luxe brand combines lots of quirky prints with modern cuts and fashion forward neck lines. The first 2 seasons gave us some head turning space age leggings and the hotly anticipated third season promises to help you embrace your inner warrior! Prices ranging from £55-£90 for leggings and £50 for crop tops.

7. Fabletics (£)


This online brand in collaboration with the stunning Kate Hudson is more like a subscription plan than an online store. First you complete a survey then the site magics you up an entire outfit that you might like (you can always select something completely different) before tempting you to become a “VIP” member in order to get the whole outfit for £22. Sound to good to be true?? Well it almost is! While the outfits are great and the quality is very good, you do need to be careful as if you don’t hit “skip” every month the site will take £44 from your account every month which is the standard price of an outfit. So if you want a new outfit every month or if you can remember to hit “skip” then this site does offer some great deals and snazzy printed leggings! Just approach with caution!

8. Gap (£)


You may be surprised by this choice but honestly Gap is a great option for all your sportswear basics. The colour palate is generally quite subdued but you can’t go wrong with their standard racer vests and leggings! With prices starting around £9.99 you can afford to stock up!

9. Wellicious (£££)


Fancy channelling your inner eco warrior? Then this eco friendly brand aim to offer premium luxury sports wear (with a particular focus on yoga/pilates) for those who are conscious of their carbon footprint. The styles are classic and flattering and involve quite a lot of super soft fabrics and draping, think ballet wraps and elongating leggings! You can trust that their leggings are fully opaque and will remain so during even the deepest forward fold. Prices range from a moderate

10. Striders Edge (£££)


A London based brand designed specifically for women who want to push their limits and look hot doing it. With lots of ballet influences and touchable fabrics  merged with sweat wicking and anti-odour technology its hard not to love this brand! Prices start around £36 for a vest and run to £65 for high performance leggings.

I hope this little guide has helped! I tend to invest in more expensive leggings and alternate with slightly less expensive tops in order to make the most of my wardrobe but just remember that as you really need to wash your fitness gear after every wear you really need to pay attention to those care instructions!

Chat soon!! All this research has made me feel the need for a little treat!


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