My Gym Class Hero

After a super busy morning teaching I was in need of a serious workout so I booked a spot at Gym Class London hoping for a fun total body workout – and I was not disappointed!!

Created by super trainer Helle Hammonds Gym Class aims to get you into the best shape of your life by challenging the body through metabolic conditioning and strength training. Offering a variety of classes ranging from a full body signature workout to a super core session there seems to be enough to keep even the most die hard fitness addict interested!

I opted for the full body signature popped on my Charli Cohen’s and headed off to Holland Park.


Hidden just off the main road just a few moments walk from Holland Park tube station at first glance the studio looks a lot smaller than you would imagine.



Nestled at the bottom of the steps is a quaint little courtyard complete with huge tyre and juice bar with a few seats in the sun for good measure.


The staff were super friendly and made me feel welcome from the second I arrived until the second I left. Take my advice and preorder a yummy smoothie for after your workout! You will need it!


Let do this!


But first, let me take a selfie!


Each class is kept super small so you really feel that you are getting that personal attention especially if your  not too confident with some of the equipment.


I got super excited when I saw the rigs!! Bars, TRX and kettle bells…..whats not to love!


Our trainer for today was the gorgeous pocket rocket Maciela who really put us through our paces with back to back weighted lunges, squats and dead lifts followed by pyramid burpees (yes it was horrific) and pull ups along with a few sprints on the spin bikes and a few wall sits thrown in for good measure!! I loved that they put us into pairs for a few of the exercises so we were competing against other teams for some sets which really made everyone sit up and get their butts in gear!! Motivation is key and the feeling like you might let your partner down definitely spurs you on!! (we won the burpee pyramids!!)


Super sweaty post workout selfie (excuse the crazy hair!!)

So did I like Gym Class?? Hell yes!!

Next class Im dragging a few friends along? Who’s coming with me??


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