Unleashing my inner Rebel

Sorry for the disappearing act but things have been a little manic recently and my blogging had to take a back seat!! But I didn’t forget about you altogether and have been buzzing across London town making full use of my ClassPass trying out the latest classes!!

First stop? 1Rebel the uber cool new studio near Liverpool Street!

In order to release your inner Rebel you first need to register online and then choose between a Ride (spin) or a Reshape (HIIT) class taught by a range of achingly cool instructors who look a little more model like than traditional PT’s!! Think streamlined European beauties on a background of tattoos, piercings and undercuts!!

For my first class I opted for a Ride – being a current spin addict I was keen to see if they can really live up to their claims that they don’t spin – they Ride!!


The studio itself was super easy to find just a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. I loved the old school theatre styling meets industrial space vibe.


With an enticing glance at the entrance to the Ride studio I was taken downstairs to their now famous changing rooms!!


Are you ready?????


Copper fronted lockers fight for attention against countless fat Hollywood style bulbs and huge mirrors all set against exposed stainless steel piping and rough grey cement brickwork.


Did I mention the benches are heated?? No cold bottoms here!


Fully pimped up vanity stations entice you to spend a little extra time post workout to regain your glow! After a thorough snoop it was time to get my sweat on!


A quick peak into the Reshape class made me definitely want to book!! Sweaty!!!!



With 80 bikes on offer the Ride studio is a little intimating but they had bunched us all together at the front so we didn’t ride alone. In the class I did there was only around 10 people (early morning class) but the instructor was great and it didn’t feel too empty once the lights went down and we started to spin.


The studio seems to be aiming for a club vibe with some super strong rock beats and flashing lights and logos drifting across the walls (slightly distracting due to super short attention span!). A free weight section took focus off the legs for a little bit which seems to be all the rage with every spin studio these days but definitely does serve to hit those arms so you do feel like your getting a more rounded workout. However only downside is that as the bikes are super close together I ended up turning sideways during the weight section to avoiding clobbering the girl next to me!

Post workout I practically ran back to the heavenly changing rooms!!


Obligatory super sweaty selfie!! Followed by a cool down with a complimentary chilled towel.


Yes really!!


These extra little touches really do give you that feeling of a luxury gym without the scary price tag!


Squeaky clean after my amazing shower! Time to pretend Im a hollywood star (I may have demonstrated a serious lack of common sense by touching the bulb lighting!! No idea why but OUCH!! Do NOT touch!!!


Anyone for a little Charli Cohen??



Rounding off my workout with a super tasty smoothie from Roots & Bulbs left me super ready for a full day teaching! Definitely don’t miss out on this option! Also if you book a lunch time class (slightly shorter than a standard class) you will get a delicious smoothie thrown in!

All in all I really enjoyed my first 1Rebel experience, I will definitely be back (already booked in!!) and am hoping to give the Reshape a shot sometime this week with the girls!!!

Il let you know how it goes!!

If you want to discover your inner Rebel you can book via ClassPass here or try their first time offer for £10 on their website here

Happy sweating!!


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