Flying high at The Third Space!!

Always on the look out for a new fitness challenge  I recently spent a few hours at The Third Space in Marylebone hanging upside down trying to channel my inner fruit bat.

Opening its first Soho Studio in 2001 The Third Space claims to set the benchmark for all other health and fitness clubs offering a huge range of fitness classes and experiences. With such aspirational claims I just had to give it a try and see if it would live up to its own hype!

My class of choice?? The Antigravity Fitness class at the Marlebone studio.


After being wowed by the amazing facilities available at this state of the art gym I donned by long sleeved top (a must for this class) and quickly checked my reflection in the gorgeous hollywood style vanity!


Ready to rock I headed out to meet my instructor for the day – the super flexible Nadia Piscini


Having tried an Antigravity yoga class before which was great but a little slow for my liking I was really hoping this would be a little more challenging! I wasn’t disappointed!!


Once set up in my hammock Nadia took me through a quick warm up and then we headed straight into my first inversion!!


Having been a gymnast for years I was pretty at home being upside down but it is worth noting that it would be pretty easy to get a little light headed during these more advanced inversions. Requiring a lot of core strength to keep you safe within the hammock it definitely is a super tough ab workout!


In between inversions Nadia took me through a few balance and stretching sequences designed to increase flexibility and challenge core stability! Sorry about the super serious face! Its hard to balance with your foot in a silk hammock!!


We returned to this pose regularly throughout the class as once mastered it became pretty comfortable and felt like an amazing release for my spine and shoulders.


For my final pose Nadia challenged me to try the infamous vampire!! Involved a serious amount of trust in both the hammock and my own coordination I had to half wrap myself in the hammock, tuck my feet into a little flap of material and then flip myself head first through the middle until my head popped back out and i lowered my body towards the ground!!

Not quite perfect but seriously fun!


We rounded off the class with a flowing sequence of single leg stretches and chest expansion exercises supported by only a tiny scrap of fabric which felt like flying!

I was lucky enough to have a one to one session but with a maximum of 3 people per class you can still be sure of lots of hands on correction and personal attention from the instructor. With regular breaks and opportunities to be fully wrapped in the hammock to rest your neck and feel weightless the pace if the class is quite slow and steady. The class aims to fuse together the techniques of yoga, dance and a little acrobatics and I feel it succeeds but I would like to see how it copes with a full class of different abilities!

Overall it would be a great addition to any exercise regime or as a fun outing for a group of friends who like a challenge! It doesn’t stand alone for those looking to burn serious calories but it certainly offers a challenge to your body that is hard to find anywhere else!

Has anyone else tried antigravity workouts before?? Let me know your thoughts!!
Until next time


**With thanks to The Third Space for my complimentary session**

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