Hej Hej Sweden lets see your slopes!!

After a seriously busy few months with pretty much not a single day off, last Friday I finally wrapped up my Pilates mat, grabbed some cosy ski socks and sprinted (not joking actually ran) all the way to the airport to catch a flight to stunning Stockholm!! Did I mention the boy lives in Sweden? Our friends had arrived the night before meaning that I was the last to the party and I was itching for the plane to hurry up and literally danced my way through Passport control earning a few funny looks from security! unnamed-41 When I finally made it to Stockholm (and the boy) the sun was shinning so we bundled up for a quick wander around the old town before catching up with the everyone over dinner a few drinks while planning our attack on the slopes! The planning had been left in the hands of the boy so it was all a little bit of an adventure! We packed up our stuff and headed for the night train to start the 10 hour journey to Åre for a few days in the snow. unnamed-38 After leaving Stockholm central station in the darkness waking up in the snow covered mountains felt like a magical experience! The train pulled into the sleepy little town of Åre which looked like a mini Christmas village complete with fairy lights and cobble stones! Once bags were safely dropped off at our “ski in ski out” accommodation our friends grabbed their skis and hit the slopes!! Unfortunately for me I wasn’t feeling too great and ended up heading to bed for a few hours hoping  I would feel better!! I managed a little trip up the mountain for a few hours in the afternoon but after only a few runs I had to admit defeat and hit the sack for some rest while everyone else continued to chop up the mountain. After a long snooze and a sauna I joined everyone for dinner and started to feel a little more human! At 8am the next morning I was bouncing around the room (nope he did not appreciate it) bursting with energy and ready to kick some snow butt! unnamed-42 First run in my new boots!!! unnamed-43Hmmm getting nervous now!! Suddenly remember my boyfriend is leaps ad bounds better than me at this whole ski thing!! He also lives in Sweden and skis quite a lot so is at a major advantage!! unnamed-34 I calmed my nerves with some snowy selfies!! Before getting told off for procrastinating and reluctantly being dragged onto the T-bar!! unnamed-37 Hi guys!!! Almost feel off taking this shot of our friends on the lift! unnamed-20 Compared to a lot of the more well known resorts in France and Austria Åre feels much quieter!! It is in fact Sweden’s premier resort and a notoriously difficult mountain so it feels a little special to have so much space on each run!! (also great for avoiding any impromptu crashes!!) unnamed-23 The views are amazing! unnamed-26 All smiles at the top!! The weather was pretty changeable as it went from super sunny and sweaty (sorry) to blustery and freezing cold when the winds picked up the snow and slapped us with it on the higher runs! unnamed-31 The boy got a little too close! unnamed-35 After a long morning skiing we clipped off our skies, jabbed our poles into the snow and headed into the nearest log cabin for some fuel!! unnamed-29 Hot chocolate anyone?? unnamed-30 Possibly the best way to warm up and get a little energy boost mid ski!! unnamed-28 Full of sugar and ready to rock we headed back out to tackle the rest of the trials the boys had planned for us!! unnamed-32 When does it never look as steep as it actually is in photos!! Trust me this was steep!! unnamed-27 This is how happy I was when we made it to the end of the day and I hadn’t fallen over!!! When us ladies had reached out limit we decided to enjoy a little Apres ski while the boys headed back up to tackle a few crazy black runs and indulge in a little healthy competition! unnamed-24 We slipped off our gloves, swapped goggles for sunglasses and sipped on some ice cold champagne (not kidding it was actually freezing!) while doing a spot of people watching waiting for the men folk to return. unnamed-25 After sitting for a few minutes my legs were starting to ache!! Oh dear!! unnamed-19 As the sun retreated behind the horizon we donned our skies for the last time to head back down the mountain for another little tipple and a bite to eat before jumping back onto the night train and back to Stockholm to finish our trip. unnamed-18 We are already planning our next trip! I adore Sweden and was gutted to only managed one full day of skiing so I am desperate to fit in another quick visit before the slopes close in May! If you are a keen skier or a complete novice it is an amazing place to go! Unfortunately as ski season comes to a close you might have to wait until next year but trust me get planning! It is worth it!! Anyone else love a little slide on the slopes??? Let me know xx

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