Top 5 healthy cookbooks you need for 2015

Hello 2015!! It seems the world of healthy eating has been taken over by a host of amazing (and gorgeous!) ladies and they have unleashed so many colourful cook books, cleanses, supper clubs and yoga brunches its sometimes difficult to know where to start! Which one is actually going to work for you? Which one has recipes that you will really want to cook, and more importantly eat? And also which one can you actually afford to follow?

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Let me take you through my top 5 favourite picks to brighten up your kitchen!

Honestly Healthy Cleanse – Natasha Corrett


This if the 3rd book from the gorgeous Natasha Corrett who is an advocate for avoiding processed and sugar dense foods in favour of following an alkaline based diet in order to look and feel good. The book contains 4 separate cleanses designed to help you feel great for any occasion (don’t panic it isn’t all juicing, there is solid food!). From a weekend cleanse (consisting mainly of juices, smoothies and soups), to a great 6 day slim down progressing to a 28 day permeant plan designed to change your relationship with food. I personally love the high protein cleanse targeted at those hitting the gym hard!


I love this porridge recipe! It has pretty much became my winter morning staple!! Just check out my Instagram!


With over 100 recipes this book really is a great option and you don’t have to follow the cleanses to feel the benefits, I love just dipping in and out, particularly the sweet treats! Gooey Vegan Brownie anyone??

Only cons for this book is that there are a lot of ingredients that are quite hard to find and are a little on the pricey side!!

Nab your copy here

Deliciously Ella – Ella Woodward


This is the first book from self-confessed ‘sugar monster’ Ella Woodward, who was left bed bound after she was struck down with a rare illness that affected her nervous system at just 22. Through a journey of diet exploration she managed to not only control her illness but she also found the perfect diet to help her stay healthy and live life to the full. Her story is truly inspiring and considering all her recipes are vegan friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free they taste amazing! (ok in the spirit of full disclosure I have only cooked about 4 dinner/lunch recipes and a few of the sweet treat offering including the raw coconut and cacao bites – all great!!)


This winter curry is amazing! I made a big pot and popped some into the freezer for later in the week!!

Again there are over 100 recipes in this book and it is a perfect option for anyone who wants to make their diet more health and varied and unlike a lot of other books there aren’t too many fantastical ingredients! Yes there are some that you won’t have hanging around in your pantry at the minute but most are easy to get and Ella advises buying in bulk for certain items that form the basis of a lot of the recipes! Win!

Order you copy here

The art of eating well – Hemsley and Hemsley


Written by the gorgeous Hemsley sisters Melissa and Jasmine, this beautiful illustrated book aim to promote one simple philosophy: a healthy gut leads to a healthy body and mind which is turn promotes a happier you. With over 150 delicious recipes it offers so many mouthwatering recipes you won’t know where to start! All recipes are free from gluten, grains and refined sugar and are also alkaline friendly and high in starch! Plus these stunning ladies also have a weekly feature on British Vogue and are contractors to The Guardian so their credentials are top notch!!

The book itself is just stunning! It is so colourful and beautifully designed I have spent hours getting lost in its pages! Same downfall as a lot of these new healthy books as you do need a full restock of your kitchen cupboards to get started and you need to invest in a few pieces of new kit (spiralizer anyone?!) but to be honest if you are embracing a new lifestyle it is worth the initial payout! Look out for the Sesame Chicken salad and cucumber noodles!

Grab your copy here

 Sweetness and light – Daisy Lowe


Is there nothing Daisy can’t do?? This little slice of dessert heaven is almost too good to be true! Packed with 60 recipes for naturally sweetened treats that are surprisingly easy to make (well not all of them!). Daisy swaps in maple syrup in place of refined sugar and raw chocolate instead of milk varieties. Im not saying they are super healthy as they aren’t really but they definitely feel less naughty and are a lot better than most processed dessert options available.


The book is beautiful with colourful detailed photos (although you wouldn’t expect anything less from a model!) and provides great inspiration for your dessert presentation which will definitely make you the talk of the dinner party set!! Daisy thinks that we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of the foods we love, and these sweet treats are a perfect option for any time or the day and any occasion!!

Interested? Order your copy now 


This will be the first offering from the beautiful Madeleine Shaw, nutritionist and Yoga bunny from my neck of the woods! (Im not bias I promise!). Get the Glow is due to be published in April 2015 but is available for pre-order now.
The book will encompass Madeleines philosophy that by ditching junk food and allowing your gut to heal you can “glow” from head to toe!

Get the Glow will contain 100 wheat and sugar free recipes with ingredients that it claims will be easily found in your local supermarket and won’t hurt your pocket too much. Although it hasn’t been released yet I have faith that this will be a great book, having previously been to Madeleines supper club I can vouch for her food being seriously tasty and healthy to boot!

Pre-order your copy today

Let me know which copy you go for and don’t forget to snap a few pics of your cookery creations!!

Until next time


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