Cheating on the boyfriend

Now don’t judge me too harshly, my boyfriend is great but I am afraid to say I may have found someone worth bending the rules for!! And his name is Frank.


Now of course Frank isn’t an actual man he is in fact an amazing coffee based body scrub!! After seeing numerous gorgeous women on Instagram shouting from their accounts about this super product I decided to give it a shot and after a little googling my first packet was on its way. A body scrub with a coffee base?? Beauty and coffee in one product sounds like my idea of heaven!!

Now Frank is a flirtatious little guy who makes some pretty big claims saying he can target pretty much every skin condition known to man kind including cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and eczema!! Phew did you get all that?? And he is 100% natural with no nasties and never tests on animals!

After a little website snooping I opted for the Coconut Coffee Scrub which is the one recommended for little sensitive souls like me. The ingredients list reads like a health huts dream including coconut flakes, grapeseed, sea salt, jojoba beads and brown sugar alongside roasted coffee beans and some added vitamins and minerals.


My first delivery arrived super quick



Love the packaging!! I got a little over excited and ripped it open and to a nosey before taking a photo! Bad blogger!!!


I have tried some sugar scrubs that feel quite grainy and coarse but Frank is super fine and soft!


Into the tub I hopped and slathered on a few handfuls of this divine smelling scrub and within a few minutes I was addicted!!!!

DSC02890My skin can generally get quite dry and because it is sensitive I tend to find some scrubs quite harsh and often leave me bright red but Frank was different. I was a little pink straight after but my skin didn’t feel tight or tender at all.


I am a convert!! Baby soft skin and a bathroom that smells like Hawaii! Sold!! In fact I’ve ordered a whole batch for my girls to help spread to soft skin revolution!


Get your Frank fix here, I would love to hear what you think!! Let me know if you tried any of the other scrubs or the new body balm!!

Until next time


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