Ride Republic

I love to try anything new so when a brand spanking new shop front popped up on the Fulham road just a few minutes walk from my flat I just had to find out what it was!! After a quick dig around i discovered to my delight that it was none other than the site for Ride Republic, a brand new spin studio in little old Parsons Green!! A little google search later and I was all registered and ready to go!


After only opening on the 23rd February 2015 (yes just on Monday!) I was lucky enough to nab a spot in the 7:15am class on Tuesday to hit the bike!



As soon as you enter you are faced with a model of their fancy bikes! Much more robust and slightly chunkier than bikes I’ve used before they also feature a display screen to keep track of your speed etc but more about that in a second!


The beautiful Candida and her team were on hand to welcome me to the studio bright and early! I was also in for a little treat from Sweaty Betty in the form of a goodie bag!! Thanks guys!


Welcome to the cleat wall! My OCD was very happy here until they removed my pair and left a hole behind! Just a note of caution, the shoes run quite small so you may need to go up a full size! I am normally a 4 1/2 or 5 but I ended up needing a 6 (39) which felt rather like my feet were having a fat day!!


Free H20??!!! Yes please 🙂


Although they have literally just opened I was super impressed that they had some branded kit available already!


Now lets stop procrastinating and get down to business…..


Check out this gorgeous Light display!


Meet Jemma – our pocket sized instructor with some seriously good beats on her playlist and the ability to appear completely sweat free throughout the session! Jealous? Me? Never!


All set up and ready to go!


Getting ready to rock – like the leggings?? Little Adidas number, Find them here


Remember that display screen I mentioned? Well here it is in all its glory! Designed to help you keep track of your RPM (revolutions per minute), level, time and calorie burn (I may have missed something!) The instructor constantly tells you what you need to be looking out for (tends to be RMP and level) so that everyone is working at the same speed/effort!

Quite a few hill climbs, some crazy sprints and a set of upper body exercises with free weights later I was pretty shattered but feeling great!!


Sweaty selfie!! (sorry I don’t smile so early in the morning!!)

Time for a refuel!!


Take a look at the first offerings from Tanya’s cafe @ Ride Republic!


Healthy juices, shooters, smoothies and yummy raw salads and pots of goodness!!

DSC02855 DSC02857

Treats to go? Don’t mind if I do!


So overall will I be back? Yes count me in!!

Get in touch to ride with me!!!

Until next time


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