Finding the flow

As you know I am all about the Pilates (it stole my heart at 15 and firmly refuses to give it back) so I have always been a little sceptical about Yoga as there is a bit of an old skool belief that you can’t do both – its a case of pick your side and stick with it!!! But due to my rather irritating need to try everything I thought I’d give it a go and I plumped for a block of private sessions with an amazing local instructor Emily Cohen who was able to come to my flat in the mornings to put me through my paces. To my surprise I absolutely loved it and felt amazingly calm but energised after every session, unfortunately due to time pressures (and becoming self employed -eh money where did you go??) I had to take a break from my private sessions and haven’t quite had the motivation to look for a class since.


A quick tweet from fellow Bella Kinesis Ambassador Carly from the amazing Hot Bitch Project changed all that and next thing I knew I was booked into a Warm Vinyasa Flow class at Triyoga in Soho. We stumbled our way into the studio in a chatty world wind of matching tops and top knots only to discover we had committed yoga sin by talking in the studio (the class hadn’t started by the way) so fully chastised by a stink eye from a girl in a bra top we buttoned our lips and attempted to find the right mats communicating only by sign language and a lot of shoulder shrugging (by the way we failed and used the wrong mats- different shade of purple apparently)!


Soon our instructor bounced into the room and off we flowed!! The music was great (I had expected a lot more “00llllmmmm” style stuff) and the instructor was clear and engaging throughout, although maybe it was just this class but they don’t seem to do any hands on corrections which I found odd as I had no idea where I was in space in some poses as I am a newbie! I kept thinking “is my leg supposed to be there?” and “hmmm I don’t think I look like her doing this!”. The pace was quick and the poses were definitely challenging at times but I think the instructor stuck a nice balance as it wasn’t too hard that it was off-putting! Oh did I mention the heat? It was certainly warm, not so hot that it was uncomfortable but it was sweat inducing and I was kicking myself pretty early on that I had forgotten my water bottle! Fitness FAIL! The class ended with a few minutes being serenaded by John Mayer as we relaxed into our Savasana 🙂


Little sweaty post class pose!!

After class I had a quick nosey around the Soho studio which is tucked away on the top floor of Kingly Court just off Carnaby Street, London. The centre itself offers 3 studios and a cute little cafe/juice bar for a quick post workout refuel! It also has a wealth of yoga and wellbeing books and merchandise to tempt you out of your hard earned pennies!


I love an ostentatious pair of leggings!!!!

DSC02835 DSC02836

Read yourself happy!!

After Yoga Carly and I grabbed a juice and headed of to lunch to set the world to rights!!

Let me know what you think of Yoga V Pilates! Can you do both???


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