What’s the deal with the Pilates Reformer??

Pilates is my thing, in fact it’s also my job as I work as a Pilates Instructor so I thought I would take some time to introduce you to my favourite piece of equipment – the reformer.

A machine that looks like the offspring from the marriage of a rowing machine and a torture device (painting a great picture aren’t I?) the reformer uses a system of straps, springs and pulleys to provide an effective, low-impact whole body workout.


Joseph Pilates believed that all exercise should begin in the horizontal plane (thats lying down to you and me) in order to relieve stress and strain on the joints and to align the body before adding any additional force or weight to the body. Classically there are more than 100 exercises created for the reformer with various progressions available to challenge each and every muscle and joint you could possibly think of.


There are many different brands but they all basically consist of the same parts – a moving carriage attached to weighted springs, a static platform, a movable foot bar, 2 or 4 loops for your hands and feet and some poles at the end 🙂


Now to check it out in action!! Apologies for the photo quality, these shots are from my iPhone


Little hip flexor stretch and a very serious face! I do enjoy it I promise!!!


My amazing clients completing some long spine sequences


Reformer Pilates is taught in such a huge variety of ways that you will definitely be able to find a style to suit you. From the classical technically focused classes at Body Control London, to the dynamic classes designed to give you a hardcore workout at Bootcamp London or Frame to the completely personalised one to one sessions offered if you chose to go private!

Don’t be scared! Give it a try! Or better yet, get in touch and let me show you how its done! I always love a new workout buddy!!

Until next time


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