Brainstorming over breakfast

Good morning and welcome!!

For my first blog post I thought I might as well let you in on my thought process behind starting this health and fitness blog. I have radically changed my life over the past year, going from a full time hospital based Speech and Language Therapist living with two friends (read regular income, regular holidays and a lot of security) to a self employed Pilates Instructor going it alone in South West London -talk about a shock to the system (tax returns caused a full on panic attack! Who knew!!)

Along the way I hit quite a few bumps in the road (some molehills some more akin Everest) and found myself attempting to work three jobs and almost 80 hours a week just to make rent and pay for Pilates training courses and visit my boyfriend in Stockholm. But even though it pushed me to my breaking point I can safely say I have come out stronger and more self sufficient than I have ever been in my life and I thought it was high time I set myself a new challenge and shared my highs and lows with you all.

Having a mild obsession with breakfast I hauled myself over to Liverpool Street to a working breakfast at Duck and Waffle to organise my plan of attack on the blogging world.

40 floors high

When you arrive at the Herron Tower (about 4 mins walk from Liverpool street tube) a very courteous door man directs you to the lift where you are whizzed up to the 40th Floor where you are greeted by the most spectacular views over London.

View from Duck and Waffle

The inside of the restaurant isn’t too shabby either!


Talk about a well stocked bar!!



The benefits of coming early in the morning means I almost had the whole place to myself


Although I the best intentions to start the day with a healthy breakfast I caved to the hype and went for the namesake “Duck and Waffle” plate – a scrumptious dish of a fluffy waffle, crispy duck leg topped off with a runny egg cooked to perfection!! Decadent YES but they do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Right?


I did also have some fresh peppermint tea! I’m sure that cancels out the duck for breakfast!


I love anywhere that still plops the old classics on the table with breakfast. Maybe its just me but those little pots of ketchup you get in most restaurants now need to be refilled about 3 times when Im around, and I need a whole vat of mayonnaise!! (sorry cholesterol!!)

Anyway where was I? Oh yes! Brainstorming! After my fill of breakfast I moved onto the task at hand and whipped out my iPad (I love my Mac but couldn’t face carrying it around all day!) and started to make a list of all the things I want to achieve in the next 3 months – FYI I love Wunderlist, they also have a little iPhone app which means all my lists are quickly linked up on the cloud and available on all my gadgets!

The list started to get a little ambitious which made me pause to think what was actually realistic but then I decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it!! I can’t tell you everything but I will let you all in on my fitness aspirations from now until the summer as I aim to try out the latest crazes hitting London aswel as the old faithfuls that have been keeping bodies trim for years.


With my lists complete I took a moment to savour the bliss that comes with a well laid plan –  If I can offer you one bit of advice it is this – no matter who you are or what your job is please set some time aside and head off for breakfast or even just a coffee by yourself, switch off your phone and take a moment to reflect on what you want from life!! I promise you will feel the benefit and maybe even find some inspiration to take a leap of faith – I know I did!!

Time for some Pilates……

Until next time



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