Hello Belfast!

So I am pretty sure I should definitely be in the running for the worst blogger in the world award due to my ridiculously long hiatus!! What was meant to be a short break to deal with some personal stuff turned out to be a rather long blip when to be honest I just couldn’t face logging onto my computer and writing a single post. I am going to be brutally honest here and just admit things got a little bit (ok a lot) on top of me and I found myself drowning for quite some time. I had no intention of starting to blog again today either but all of a sudden I found that I had logged back into my account after checking my emails just like old times and now here I am fingers tapping the keys in this little rant!! So in order to have a fresh start I am just going to offer you a thousand apologies and I promise to try  my best to be a better blogger! Scouts honour (ok I was never a scout but you get the idea)

So shall we start with a little catch up? Since we last spoke I have changed jobs (a lot),


went to Italy, Spain, Greece, France, Portugal, Sweden, LA, New York and Mexico in search of the best workout craze (and found it!!).

IMG_4097 2

I started a new training course (exciting!!), dyed my hair at least 10 times, developed an obsession with Michi activewear (oh dear god the mesh!!), gained weight, lost weight, had a chest infection which lingered for months and finally wound up in a totally different place to where I thought I would beat this stage in my life.


So where am I now? Oh did I mention I also mention I also moved country? Well I did and I am now based back in cheery old Northern Ireland for the first time in years. I have opened my own little private Pilates studio, started a full on 8am-6pm day job and got my own place (and back with the pup!)


Its been a lot and I am still finding my way so I am inviting you along for the ride!


Hej Hej Sweden lets see your slopes!!

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